Amplifying entrepreneur potential, beyond just capital
Dive into a partnership that redefines investment, champions the untapped potential of women entrepreneurs and offers a holistic approach that merges capital, research driven solutions and transformative resources.
What is Equity Hive?
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We're a mission-driven consultancy rooted in the undeniable performance of women entrepreneurs
Our experience with diversity-led angel investing at scale evidenced the challenges women entrepreneurs face, propelling us onto a mission to redefine the landscape for women entrepreneurs and those seeking capital. 

That’s why we're dedicated to reshaping the investment landscape, embracing overlooked opportunities and levelling the playing field for women entrepreneurs. Our approach works to overcome the statistically proven barriers to capital and performance women entrepreneurs experience. 

When you work with us, you enter into a partnership that values collaboration, innovation and genuine impact. Experience the change with an invested partner who sees beyond the numbers. 
How does Equity Hive’s ecosystem work?
Why we believe in women entrepreneurs
Women entrepreneurs are statistically proven to deliver higher returns and drive transformative change in the business world thanks to their vision, resilience and innovation. When they’re given support to overcome the odds stacked against them, their impact is unmatched.
In the now infamous 10 Year Project report from First Round Capital, the number one finding over 10 years was that founding teams that were female or included a female performed 63% better than that didn’t
BCG and Mass Challenge produced a report that found, just 3 years on from First Capitals findings, that with close to 50% less capital investment, founding teams that were female or included female generated 10% more in cumulative revenue performance over 5 years despite the disparity in capital at the outset
Despite this, Deloitte reported only 0.7% of all private start-up capital in FY22 went to solely female founding teams, despite funding increasing tenfold between FY18 and FY21.
Capital Navigation
Women entrepreneurs need support in future proofing their business.. Championing the right mix of funding types and offering strategic support through unpredictable business challenges.
Trusted Partners and Suppliers
Equipping founders with expertise and a trusted network at their fingertips. Access to specialised guidance across accounting, legal, coaching, finance, marketing and operational strategies at uniquely negotiated rates.All identified through available research to be key areas women entrepreneurs seek advice.
Peak Performance Support
Helping to reduce the load on female founders so that they can operate at their peak. Access to mental health support, healthcare, return-to-work and childcare services and curated lifestyle enhancements.
For Founders
We champion your vision through a belief in the performance of women-led ventures
Support, beyond just capital: Access options that come with support baked in so you can grow your business with a confident resilience.
Holistic wellbeing resources: Grow your business without compromising your mental and physical health with access to curated wellbeing services, from return-to-work support to lifestyle enhancements to unlock performance.
Advice on demand: Connect with trusted partners and suppliers for insights, advice and services to support your business journey.
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For Investors
Invest in tomorrow by championing women entrepreneurs.
Our unique approach places emphasis on the proven performance and societal impact women-led businesses deliver. With a focus on diversity, sustainability, and innovation, women entrepreneurs and those who invest in them will herald a new era of opportunity.
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Our Team
Combining diverse expertise with significant real-world founder experience, our team are investment trailblazers. A unique mix of experience and diversity of thought comes from a collaboration of angel investors, founders, venture fund experts, diversity thought leaders and unique disciplines that create the right lens for equity of outcomes for women entrepreneurs.
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